The application of Marin City to Alviso

Question: What did you learn from the Marin City site that you can apply to the new district you’re working on? What’s similar? What’s different about your current district, in terms of its challenges? What are you trying to add to the flood or fire adaptation ideas, in order to address the decarbonization, justice, and jobs challenges of the Green New Deal Superstudio?

The most important thing I learned from Marin City Design is flood vulnerable design and also, design with community and with the creature. A similar thing between these two design work is that both of them focus on the ecological issue and landscape armature. The biggest difference between Alviso and Marin City is that Alviso has more underlying social capital flow, but the issue of Marin City is more about the nature factor. The challenge for Alviso design is to design with both social and natural. We have to consider the income difference, the job opportunity, justice as well as decarbonization, which are three goals of GREEN NEW DEAL.

I am trying to employ the flood community design and the canal design from Dutch city. At the same time, AECOM’s tidal city is a good precedent for my design. And I tried to bring people jobs by providing more construction and maintenance occupations. And provide access to clean and affordable energy, transportation, local jobs, green area as well as affordable housing to solve the challenges of the Superstudio.