The team experience with Anna and Sam is really good. At the first stage, we discussed the design concept, each of us contributed precedents and a design concept. Then, in the second stage, we discuss and combine what we had for the first stage into one design concept. I made the first iteration of our plan, specifically focusing on the discovery area and related tide design, the circulation design, and the planting design. Accordingly, I am responsible for the narration of the tunnel and discovery zone. I finished the perspective of the discovery zone as well as two cuts through sections, one shows the high tide and low tide situation, and the other shows the detail of the lawn. I kind of unsatisfied with my drawing contribution to the project and if I had time, I would definitely contribute more.

We three did an amazing job communicating our ideas to each of our teammates, sometimes, I cannot understand the ideas of Sam or Anna because of the language barrier, then I tried to discuss with Sam later in Chinese and make sure all of us could understand each other and incorporate our ideas into the design. Even though we do have difficulties in coordinating in team discussion given the time difference(WE ARE IN THREE DIFFERENT TIME ZONES), we did a good job to handle it.

In this project, Sam kind of plays the role of overall coordination and controls the project progress. And in the next project, I hope I can have more control over the overall project progress/timeline planning and the kind of drawing that is included in the project. Working with Sam and Anna is really nice, except for the fact we are in THREE DIFFERENT TIME ZONES!!!