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  • Zhufeng Pan

    Zhufeng Pan

  • Nate Kauffman

    Nate Kauffman

    Climate Adaptation Planner. Working on PhD at Berkeley in Environmental Planning and Landscape Architecture. Wilderness enthusiast. Very worried about earth.

  • Yilin Li

    Yilin Li

  • Peixuan Wu

    Peixuan Wu

    UCB Landscape Architecture(2D)

  • Deni Ruggeri

    Deni Ruggeri

    I am a landscape architecture educator/practitioner. I am passionate about community and advocate for participatory & co-designed landscape transformations

  • Kristina Hill

    Kristina Hill

    Director of UC Berkeley’s Institute for Urban and Regional Development (IURD), Assoc. Professor, teaching students to design cities for flooding.

  • Xincun Du

    Xincun Du

    I am a second year master student in landscape architecture program. I love movies and tennis.

  • Chris McGuire

    Chris McGuire

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