A Rain Garden Design

I had the honor to participate in the renovation design of a rainwater garden during my summer internship. I believe it is a project that truly implements the concept of resilience

This rainwater wetland garden adopts the strategy of limited intervention and low impact development and carries out ecological restoration and transformation on the basis of respecting the original plant space foundation and original form. In the hinterland behind the flood control wall, the larger area was originally a low-lying waterlogged area, where aquatic plants were clustered, which retained the original geomorphic state and formed a low-lying wetland capable of collecting rainwater. Heavy rain can play the role of regulating and storing precipitation, slow rainwater into the municipal pipe network.

In addition, through the installation of pumps and irrigation systems, the water collected in the wetland can also be used for the irrigation of the entire landscape site. The plants are mainly composed of native herbaceous plants and water-resistant tree Taxodium ascendens, and the light intervention steel structure landscape structure forms a landscape environment with original wild interest and industrial characteristics.